Many have speculated. Many have been close. But no one has yet to reveal the true identity of the Holy Ghost Writer.   Who is he? Why does his true identity elude the most clever? He's not a ghost as his name suggests. Is he a descendent of Alexandre Dumas? Read the Sultan of Monte Cristo and subsequent sequels for not $1,000 but $2,500!! Yes, that's right. The author has upped the ante.  If you can guess who he is before the true identify is revealed, you'll be $2,500 richer. Don't delay. Send your guess to prize@sultanofmontecristo.com for your chance to win!

Anonymous source leaks new novel, That Girl Started Her Own Country, Sixth in the Series of Sequels to the Count of Monte Cristo, by the Holy Ghost Writer, to  select few journalists before it was actually scheduled to be published.  According to The Kimble Group, the purported dissimilar novel to Stieg Larsson's  Millennium-Trilogy has Larsson fans wondering if (and hoping) he actually faked  his own death. Read More.
Radical Islamic extremists have forbidden their wives to read the Holy Ghost Writer's, ‘Sultan of Monte Cristo' after a 22-year old Pakistani woman in the United States read the book and began speaking out against the practice of forced marriages and honor killings. According to an independent news reporter from The Kimble Group, the woman referenced the book's heroine to exemplify courage and independence.
An anonymous author, suspected of false imprisonment and known only as "Holy Ghost Writer," gains over 1,000 followers within 2 hours of joining Pinterest, rivaling First Lady, Michelle Obama's record when she joined. According to The Kimble Group, LLC., loyal 'pinsters' have caused a frenzy reading and re-pinning  their favorite, newly released book, The Sultan of Monte Cristo.  Read more.


    Who is this Holy Ghost Writer? Is he a descendent of Alexandre Dumas? Read the Sultan of Monte Cristo and subsequent sequel for a $1,000 prize if you guess who it is before he/she reveals their identify. Send your guess to prize@sultanofmontecristo.com