By: Emma. See Source. Although many of us have read the Count of Monte Cristo, I always felt that it  needed a follow-up. With the release of The Sultan of Monte Cristo, that void has been filled. Although it must have been a challenge for the author to write a sequel to the original best seller, I feel that in my opinion, this follow-up is by far one of the best publications in the same genre as the original.
As this sequel is only 61 pages long, the reader will be very pleased to have the opportunity to read it in just one session. And to me that is best, as then the reader is completely emerged into the events that take place in the story. Yes, you could red it in various sessions, but my recommendation is to read it in one go.

Being a vivid reader, I have come across other follow-ups that  were published around 100 years ago. Although those books are great, too, this  sequel in my opinion stands out for it's original view on the historic events  that take place in that era. The author has taken great care of making sure the  personalities fit with the original publication, as well as made those personalities (or characters) be great stand-alone characters, too, so there might be an opportunity for the author to create further follow-ups that build upon the original and this sequel.

Reading this story makes you feel you are part of it, or in other words: in the middle of the story. The surroundings have been described very lively, making them stand out in order for the reader to have a great personalized interpretation of the environment as well as the historical places and happenings. When I was finished with this book, I could almost make a drawing of the events that had happened as my mind was very attached to the story.

This is a fantastic follow-up to the original, and I recommend it to people who loved the original story, as well as people
who  have a hidden or recently discovered interest in the Count and the Sultan of  Monte Cristo. This edition will absolutely not disappoint you.

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