By: Clark Covington. See Source. Just read this book from start to finish and really it exceeded my expectations by far! A great journey which encompassed almost the entire range of human emotions and trials and tribulations therein! I was especially impressed with the editorial style and the eloquence of the writer wherein he brought to life the characters in an unbelievably powerful manner! This was an absolute delight and I was unable to put it down after the first page! It was after a long time that I felt my feelings were actually stoked by the emotives in this book and more so when I least expected it to hit me so hard in a most awesome fashion.

I would recommend this book just for the sheer brilliance therein and also for the fact that it makes a really great read at an extremely reasonable price! I look forward to the Authors next book with bated breath and would highly recommend this one again to all and sundry!
By: Lilgracielou. See Source. Adventure, Love, Lies, False personalities, Revenge, Second thoughts and even second chances. The description of the people, the locations, and the events really pulls you into the story and makes you feel as though you are standing next to them as their life rolls on. Your emotions witness the horror, the love,  and the fear as you continue to turn the pages. At only 61 pages this is a short  and easy read that doesn't disappoint.
By: Andy. See Source. This was a really good book. Much better than I anticipated. I seen the movie the Count of Monte Cristo and also read the book a long time ago. It's been one of my favorite's ever since. When I first heard about this book I had some doubts of how good could it really be. Very few sequels are as good as the first, but Holy Ghost Writer is amazing. I love this book and it is just as good  as the first one. If you are a fan you will definitely not want to miss
this. I  highly recommend this book.
By: P. Westwood. See Source. The Count of Monte Cristo is one of my favorite books as it incorporates some of the best ideas and genres of storytelling such as revenge, love and betrayal. I usually have to reread the novel at least once a year, letting myself getting swept up in the story of Edmond Dantes and his tale of revenge and betrayal. However, whenever I get to the end I am always left wondering what happened next? Well, I finally know with "The Sultan of Monte Cristo." The author, Holy Ghost Writer uses the same effortless style that the famed Alexander Dumas used to weave a tale that captivate and inspires with every word read. I haven't read  such as wonderful story as this in such a long time. Holy Ghost Writer captures  the original characters to a tee and creates wholly new characters that feel as  if they have always been a part of the "Monte Cristo" world. I couldn't put this  book down the whole time I was reading it, even when I should have been off  making dinner for myself. I completely recommend this book, it is
a fitting  sequel to the absolutely stunning classic and is more than worthy of
being the  sequel to The Count of Monte Cristo!